Bone Broth

More than just a stock. Bone broths are one of the most nutritious healing foods that you can make yourself. Can be used as a drink, in soups, casseroles etc
Chicken soup

Chicken Soup For the Soul

heart warming soup for the winter months. Have it chunky or blitz it for a smooth soup

Italian Tomato Sauce For Pasta Dishes

A basic sauce for pasta or a nice tomato base for any meat dishes. Easy to freeze and use when you want

Coconut Curry Cashew Chicken

A child friendly recipe. Not too spicy but still lots of flavour. One pot recipe that can be cooked in a slow cooker ready for when you get home from work

Lamb Stew 3-4 Portions

A family favourite. A one pot of goodness for everyone to enjoy. Just add mash or rice

Nutty Treats

When the chocolate cravings kick in these are a nutrient dense healthy snack. Have them ready  to have with you on the go

Smoothie Recipes

Quick and easy alternative to breakfast cereals. Loaded with nutrients that will help keep you full for longer

Wheat Dairy Free Pancakes

 no reason why you can’t enjoy a sunday brunch favourite just because dairy and wheat don’t agree with you. Try this is a great easy to make alternative

Sweet Potatoes Wedges

Bored with regular potatoes? Sweet potatoes are a great alternative to regular potatoes and contain different vitamin and mineral content. variety is the spice of life so give them a try

Chicken Tikka Masala

A favourite in a lot of houses as it can be made a few days before and usually tastes better. The spices are fantastic and add real flavour along with their many health benefits. Serve with rice and pitta breads