At Vita-Nutrition we believe that everyone is an individual, therefore, no two nutritional plans are the same. There are a number of different program packages to avail of depending on your needs.


Includes 5 visits scheduled over 6-12 months. (1x 60 min, 1x45min and 3×30 min follow up)

Depending on your goals and schedule, this will determine what appointments will be organised.

The initial consult will take 60min. Vita-Nutrition will look at your goals, medical history, family medical history, current nutritional status and lifestyle habits.

Based on this information, Vita-Nutrition will prepare a tailored nutritional plan incorporation diet and lifestyle modifications in order to achieve goals agreed in initial consult.

A second consult will take 45 min, to role out the plan to ensure that the client has full understanding of their tailored nutritional plan so that they can achieve optimal goal

Three followup appointments will be scheduled  based on you time and goals. This will allow twiking of the program. Based on individual needs these appointments maybe scheduled at different time periods.


Meal plans and lifestyle changes with strong accountability to the individual.

Frequent appointments are necessary for the first 6 weeks in order to keep you focused and motivated to stick to the plan. After this you will meet every two weeks for remaining 6 weeks

Program includes 9 visits in total over the 12 weeks: initial 1×60 min, followed by1x 45 min to role out plan followed by 5 x15 min weekly and a further 2 x 15 min fortnightly.

Initially Vita-Nutrition will review goals, medical history, family medical history, food intake, portion size, exercise, food preferences, eating habits, lifestyle.

Based on this Vita-Nutrition will develop a tailored nutritional plan to you and your needs, which will be designed to help weight loss of 1-3 lbs per week in addition to other health benefits, (cholesterol lowering, increased energy levels etc)

Second appointment will be 45 mins , whereby, Vita-Nutrition will present weight loss plan and nutrition recommendations – recipes for healthy weight loss, weekly meal plan and snack ideas will be included.

5 x 15 min followup apt for 5 weeks and last 2 fortnightly. These apt will review food diary, any obstacles/ challenges that are inhibiting weight loss


The purpose of this program is to educate the whole family or small groups on the importance of health and the impact of healthy and not so healthy food can play on the body.

Poor concentration, allergies, low energy levels, weight issues, sleep disturbances and/or tummy issues can all be attributed to the foods that we eat.

The aim of group health programs is to tackle any dietary issues  within the group and on an individual basis.

As a parent myself I understand the challenges that are faced with picky eaters. Understanding nutrition for health is one of the best gifts that you can give to your children especially when they are constantly being bombarded with advertising from sweet foods and beverage com